Thursday, April 5, 2012

Custom Word Banners

You see them everywhere, I can even make you one if you need it. But if you decide one day that you would like to give it a try, you can make your own simple, personalized banner in a few easy steps.

First, find some paper that you like. Pick around 4 or 5 different patterns but not too many or your banner will look too disjointed. Then in Word, type out what you want the banner to say in a super-thick font like Arial Black in the size you want the letters to be. Print on a heavy weight paper and cut out. These will be your templates.

Next trace the letters *backwards* on the back of the patterned paper and cut out. You will then need to cut a piece of ribbon the length you want the banner to be. Cut holes with a hole punch or cut slits in the tops of the letters for the ribbon to pass through. Remember that you need at least two cuts, one for the ribbon to go through the front and another for it to pass through the back.

Thread your letters onto the ribbon and space to your taste. I like to turn my banners over and tape across the slits or holes because that will help keep the letters from moving. Enjoy!