Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wear it Wednesday

I have worked for a professional office for three years now, and one of my challenges coming from being a stay-at-home mom was to re-imagine my personal style.  My go-to at the time was jeans and t-shirts and flip flops. At the time I only had a couple outfits I would wear to church and I wasn't very comfortable wearing professional clothing. Fast forward all that time and I have a much broader sense of office style.

I did not start out with much of a budget so I had to pick up pieces here and there. This outfit is a great example of buying pieces at separate times and it all coming together fairly well. I bought the top about 6 months ago from Stitchfix. If you are not familiar, it is a clothing subscription where online stylists will send you five items in a box and you decide whether to keep all the pieces or only one or none. You have a $20 fee per delivery that can be put toward your purchase, I tried out the service for a couple months and found that while I liked some of the clothing they sent me, I was often uncomfortable with the cost. The average price per item is $55. This blouse falls into that range. Its one of the only pieces I still wear regularly, it washes and wears nicely.
It features silver grommets along the neckline, tulip shaped puff sleeves  and a flattering v-cut neckline.

The slacks are a recent purchase form the local Salvation Army. I was on the look out for a nice pair of navy pants, they are hard to come by in the used market. I was really lucky, these still had the tags - never worn. I paid around $5-6. A steal!

The shoes are also a new purchase. I recently joined Poshmark, an online market for clothing and accessories. I have sold a few items and maintain a closet with items. Its really easy to get started buying and selling. I have purchased more than I have sold, and it helps if you like other closets and join parties with items from your own closet. As with anything, it takes time to develop a following and build sales. The app is easy to use. I found these along with a couple other items from the same closet to get a better deal on shipping and a sales discount. In total I believe I paid about $10. That is a little more than I like to spend on second hand shoes, but they were like new in a color that is hard to find. Its my new obsession, really. I have found some really cute stuff at a great deal, so rounding out my home closet has become much easier. 
Its hard to see in the picture, they are a shimmery dark blue wedge with grommet detailing made by Tommy Hilfiger. 

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