Friday, February 24, 2017

Drowning in a sea of cookies

Its that time of year that all Girl Scout leaders and parents look forward to - Cookie Season. We all love having our lives commandeered by boxes of fatty/sugary deliciousness and fanatical customers. WINK WINK
For two solid months our schedules are dictated by cute little girls; in vests festooned with patches of every shape and size; imploring you to help them sell, sell, sell and sell some more.
I must admit that when we started out in this organization, I was less than thrilled. The margins are small and the labor is great. However I have seen the gains and experience M has gotten four years later. And not just her, but when you get a group of girls together selling cookies at a booth, even the most shy will start to come out of their shell and get just a smidge more comfortable with public speaking. Plus the business principles they get hands-on is impressive: marketing, management and financial all rolled into a 3-hour cookie booth. So when you see that group of Girl Scouts out selling cookies, even if you have to pass on purchasing, give them a high five - they are learning important life lessons at that table with their friends.
Not all Girl Scouts are naturally inclined to selling and managing they cookies. I know that I and my husband lend a helping hand in all the different aspects of the business. But as our oldest daughter, M,  learns more and more each year, we try to pass off to her the responsibilities that are age appropriate. And she is a natural. This year marks the first time we borrowed a wagon, packed it with cookies and ventured the neighborhood. She insisted on pulling the wagon herself, although we live on the side of a hill.We were able to unload on our neighbors the majority of the cookies we had left in our inventory. I am sure they didn't mind being coerced into breaking their diets for a pint-sized selling dynamo.
In two more weeks we will be past this phase of the Girl Scout season, then comes the best part - planning the summer fun with the sales proceeds!

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