Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Only a week away and a Teacher's Appreciation printout

So many times over the past year I have written blog posts and Facebook updates in my head. Sounds crazy but even when I can't decide what direction I might would go in writing a blog, I still think in terms of one. So here I am about to give birth to another kiddo and thinking I might start again with my blog. Perfect timing to take on ONE MORE THING, right? I am just not going to over-think it and share either what's on my mind or something new that I have made.
This time of year we think about getting small tokens to show the teachers in our kids' lives that we appreciate all their hard work. A friend of mine was having some printer issues and asked me to print out something very similar to what I have here but I couldn't find a print file on the website. So I just remade it. Feel free to use this for the teachers in your life. Right click with your mouse and save it to your desktop. While I would love to give credit to whoever had this clever idea, it would be near impossible to discern where it came from originally. So thank you Pinterest!

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